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Just One Call Away

By November 14, 2019March 3rd, 2022Personal Insurance

If having someone who helps you out of trouble is invaluable, think of one who also protects you from getting into trouble in the first place. Then imagine that person as one who also understands your issues well and has your best interests at heart just like a noble elder brother. It couldn’t get any better! Are you in need of insurance? You wish to insure your business, employees, construction works or valuable marine assets. You have laid eyes on some packages that sound just right for your needs? You are about to take that big step? Stop, you might want to read this first. Everyone would agree that insurance covers are as important as they are delicate.

Much is about an insurance cover than meets the eye. From getting the right package to understanding its terms, filing claims, name them. Serious attention and consideration are crucial. In this, do not underestimate the importance of an experienced insurance agency. Most often, this comes in handy when disaster strikes, drawing the thin line between the continued thriving of a business or endless financial struggles after a disaster.

Just as necessity is the mother of invention, Dawit Insurance Agency Limited was born from an unhappy Insurer client, who vowed not to let what he had to go through due to complicated insurance lingo and terms and conditions, happen to any other person. Generally, Insurance agencies are a safe link between the client and the insurer. Since its inception thirteen years ago, Dawit Insurance Agency continues to better and has been transforming insurance experiences, one client after another. Be the next! Apart from selling insurance, Dawit ensures that their clients buy the best-suited insurance packages as every business present its uniqueness. It does this by determining the client’s insurance needs and then recommending the best insurance package. This ensures there are no gaps and wastages. Thus, the client’s money is efficiently used, the business is well covered, the insurer gets business and Voila! Everybody wins.

Dawit also takes pride in the interpretation of terms, conditions and policy information to its clients to avoid miscommunication and subsequent disappointments. Terms and conditions can be defined as that part of a contract that is so boring to read, even more, complicated to understand but you still have to tick ‘I agree’ at the end of the sheet. Well, in the history of ticks, that tick has been known to give insurance clients solace when disaster strikes but it is also infamous for being the reason a claim hit a dead-head. Thanks to Dawit’s experience and expertise the latter is now a thing of the past.

When trouble knocks, Dawit correctly calculates insurance premiums and verification of settlement awards for its clients and explains, by citing the policy document, the reasons for any declinature of a claim. Do not lose a claim for not doing something you didn’t even know you should do. Anyone who has had a problem with an insurer knows that you surely do not want to navigate that path alone.

Fortunately, Dawit is here to walk you through the road that helps you get insurance right. The Nairobi based insurance agency located at Utumishi Coop Building, Mamlaka Rd, Off Nyerere road vows to be your trusted, reliable business partner. We are just one call away.


By Maureen Nkirote
Creative content writer