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What Happens When You’re Not Properly Insured?

By January 30, 2018July 19th, 2021Personal Insurance

You found an insurance package that sounds perfect. It seems to cover everything. You feel safe. Think again. There are many pitfalls that your business has to watch out for.

Have you carefully read the terms and conditions of that policy? Do you understand what it means? Are you remotely aware of the steps to take when misfortune strikes? What if like Ken, your claim is tripped by an unforeseen locked boot clause and failure to provide certain information?

This can happen to anyone. There are many hard lessons down the road if you don’t take heed. Insurance is more than choosing a package that ‘sounds perfect’. Each business is different. Different concerns, different environments. A one-size-fits all solution is going to leave some of you high, dry and thoroughly dissatisfied. For once, listen to the adage: prevention is better than cure.

Get personal about your insurance.

What happens when you go to a doctor? The doctor sits down with you, listens to your concerns and checks your vitals. If the situation is more complicated, a blood sample or an X-Ray might be taken. Only then, will he (or she) be in a position to diagnose your condition and prescribe the proper medication. Years of education and experience, and a vast knowledge of available medication empower the doctor to do that.  

You take your health very seriously, and would expect nothing less from your doctor. Why should your insurance be any different?

Not just your health, but also your family, business, employees, property, investments and much more is at stake. Choosing the proper insurance can be as serious as a heart attack.

Like with any doctor, choose a good insurance agent. One who takes the time to sit down with you and understand your needs. One who will break down confusing insurance lingo into something you can understand. One who will conduct risk survey and mitigation, and then prescribe the perfect solution from the perfect company. From there, the agent will hold both you and the insurance company accountable.

When you understand how insurance can be your asset and not a liability, you will do everything to seek out such a partner. Dawit Insurance Agency has been helping souls who are weary from years of mistrust, mismanagement and miscommunication of coverage and expectations in Kenya. We offer peace of mind to all those who thirst for an open, honest and transparent partner in insurance.

It’s not difficult to make the first step. Call us today at 020 2011503 and set up a meeting, or visit our contact page. Do you agree insurance should be transparent and practical? Want to share some of your own stories? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to chat and tell you more!


Our writer, Barbara Jebet, is a content strategist and a brand storyteller. Check out her blog: the slightly curious world of story pot.