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What To Do After A Car Accident: Important Documents

By November 28, 2023December 13th, 2023Insurance, Personal Insurance

In the event of a car accident, knowing the right steps as a policyholder is crucial. This resource provides clear guidance on actions, documents needed, and the overall process to navigate when faced with an unexpected collision. 

Whether securing immediate safety or understanding the insurance claiming procedure, this information is designed to empower policyholders facing such situations. Let’s explore the essential steps for a smooth and informed response in the aftermath of a car accident.

Case Scenario: Ouma Joseph’s Story

In the hustle of Nairobi’s morning rush, Joseph, a mid-30s business owner, collided with another vehicle while switching lanes. Frustrated, he activated his car’s hazard lights, set a hazard sign, and called his insurer, Dawit Insurance Agency Limited.

Following their calm advice, he took photos of the scene. After a courteous exchange, the drivers moved their vehicles, agreeing to let insurers handle the damages. Directed by Dawit, Joseph reported the incident at the nearest police station within 48 hours, securing a crucial police abstract.

He then submitted a claim report to Dawit, uploading documents on their website, including his driving license and the police abstract. An assessor was dispatched to assess the damage, and Dawit issued a repair authority recognizing its minor scale.

After the repairs were completed, Joseph received a release letter from Dawit. Satisfied, he inspected his car, expressing gratitude as he drove off.

How can you practice safety and caution at a car accident scene?

To further enhance your safety and that of others in such situations, always lock your car doors for property security, switch off the engine, and maintain a safe distance from the wreckage. In addition, we recommend having immediate emergency contact details readily available.

In the event of an accident, quick access to services such as the Kenya Police, ambulance services, fire extinguishing services, and search and rescue can be crucial.

The following are contacts of emergency and response services in Nairobi, Kenya. You can have them around for your quick relief in the event of an accident:

  1. Kenya Police Service:999,911,112
  2. Ambulance Service: 0704899856
  3. Fire Extinguishing Service: 0202222181 or 0202344599
  4. First Aid And Response Service: +254 725 225 225
  5. Dawit Insurance Agency: 0712856447, 0723856447, 0737856447

What are the important documents a policyholder requires to file a claim report? 

  1. Claim form 

An insurance claim form is a document used to formally request compensation or coverage from an insurance company. When an individual or entity experiences a loss or damage covered by their insurance policy, they must submit a claim to the insurance company to receive financial assistance or reimbursement. 

You can file your claim report from our website by clicking this link. 

  1. Police Abstract 

A police abstract often called a police report or accident report, is an official document issued by law enforcement officers when they acknowledge and respond to an incident, such as a car accident. 

In the context of filing an insurance claim after a car accident, a police abstract is crucial. 

For a smooth experience filing your claim report, please ensure you acquire a police abstract from the nearest police station to the incident within 48 hours of the car accident. You can download the police abstract by clicking this link.

  1. Logbook Copy 

A car logbook, also known as a vehicle logbook, is a document used to record and track detailed information about your vehicle. It comprehensively records your car’s maintenance, service history, and other important details. 

  1. Driver’s License 

Your driver’s license is an official document issued by your government’s authority that grants you the legal right to operate a motor vehicle on public roads. The license serves as proof that you were in a legal capacity to be operating your motor vehicle prior to the accident.

  1. National ID 

This official government-issued document serves as proof of your identity and citizenship within your country. It typically includes key personal information such as your full name, date of birth, unique identification number, and photograph. 

  1. Scene Photos 

These images or videos clearly paint a picture of the accident scene. They are important when it comes to an investigation of what might have caused the accident. These must be taken before any of the involved cars are moved from the scene of the accident.

What happens if the insurer writes off your car?

What Is A Car Write-off?

When a car is declared a “write-off” or “total loss” after a car accident, it means that the cost of repairing the vehicle most often exceeds 50% of its sum insured. 

In other words, the insurance company determines that repairing the car is not financially viable. Instead, they consider taking the damaged car more economical and refunding the sum insured.

What happens if your car is written off?

The Insurer determines the value of what can be saved from your damaged car.

The insurer will communicate to you a proposed value of salvage as well as the befitting compensation amount. The record figure of valuation highly determines this before renewing or first purchase of the insurance coverage.

You decide what to do with your damaged car.

As the owner of the salvage car, you will be granted priority in deciding what happens to the car. You may choose to buy it at an amount disclosed by your insurer or forfeit the salvage car and proceed to be compensated by your insurer.

If you choose to buy the car, your insurer will pay off any remaining owed to the car before the accident occurs whether you choose to buy it or not.

You provide your insurer with your bank details.

You will be required to provide your bank details to your insurer. This is important as your insurer will use this channel to wire you the money for your compensation.

You sign off a discharge voucher.

Signing a discharge voucher is essential when receiving compensation from your insurer after a car accident. By signing, you acknowledge the receipt of the payment and agree that it constitutes a final settlement for the claim.

What Should You Do When You’re Involved In A Car Accident?

Navigating the aftermath of a car accident demands clarity and support. As a policyholder, being informed about the steps involved is empowering. Dawit Insurance Agency Limited is here to provide the assistance you need. 

Whether you are currently facing a situation or seeking comprehensive motor insurance coverage, our team is ready to guide you. Don’t hesitate to reach out for expert support and a seamless resolution to your motor insurance needs. 

Your safety and satisfaction are our priorities. Talk to us today for reliable assistance.

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This article is written and published by Dawit Insurance Agency Limited.