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Student Personal Accident Cover

Empowering students to focus on their studies and personal growth

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Why is personal accident insurance important for students?

The answer lies in the uncertainties and risks they face every day. Whether it’s participating in sports activities, commuting to and from college, or engaging in extracurricular pursuits, students are exposed to various potential hazards. In the event of an accident, the resulting medical expenses, disabilities, or even loss of life can significantly impact both the student and their family.

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Who is Eligible to Get the Student Personal Accident Cover?

 The policy is available to Registered students: All students enrolled in educational institutions are eligible for the benefits under this Student Personal Accident cover. The cover is designed to protect a wide range of students.

Whether pursuing higher education, vocational training, or any other educational program, this policy is tailored to meet your needs.

Premium Pricing and Benefits

Policy period options:

The Student Personal Accident policy offers multiple policy duration options. Students can choose from the following policy periods:

  1. Three months: Ideal for short-term coverage during specific academic semesters, internships, or study abroad programs.
  2. Six months: Provides coverage for a longer duration, accommodating half-year academic terms or extended study periods.
  3. Twelve months: Offers comprehensive coverage for a full academic year or longer-term study programs.

With these flexible policy period options, students can select the duration that best aligns with their specific needs and academic timelines.

Student PA Benefit Options

The cover has three options to cater to different coverage requirements: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each tier provides varying benefit amounts, allowing students to choose the level of coverage that suits them best.

Comparison of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers

To assist you in making an informed decision, below is a clear comparison of the premiums across the Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers of this Student Personal Accident policy. It features the premiums and benefit amounts associated with each level:



3 Months: KES 144
6 Months: KES 288
12 Months: KES 576

cover limits

Accidental Medical Expenses: KES 75,000
Permanent Total Disability: KES 100,000
Accidental Death: KES 75,000
Accidental Dental Expenses: KES 15,000
Last Expenses: KES 25,000



3 Months: KES 188
6 Months: KES 376
12 Months: KES 751

cover limits

Accidental Medical Expenses: KES 100,000
Permanent Total Disability: KES 200,000
Accidental Death: KES 100,000
Accidental Dental Expenses: KES 15,000
Last Expenses: KES 25,000



3 Months: KES 272
6 Months: KES 544
12 Months: KES 1,088

cover limits

Accidental Medical Expenses: KES 150,000
Permanent Total Disability: KES 300,000
Accidental Death: KES 100,000
Accidental Dental Expenses: KES 15,000
Last Expenses: KES 25,000

Features of the Student Personal Accident Policy

The Student Personal Accident policy offers comprehensive coverage to safeguard students against unforeseen accidents and their aftermath. Here are the key coverage details:

Accidental Medical Expenses:

It helps with the financial burden that medical expenses can impose on students. The policy covers medical expenses resulting from accidents, ensuring students receive the necessary treatment and care.

Permanent Total Disability (PTD):

In the unfortunate event of permanent total disability caused by an accident, the policy provides a lump sum payment. This financial support helps students adapt to their new circumstances and provides security for their future.

Accidental Death:

The cover provides coverage in the event of accidental death, ensuring that the family or nominated beneficiary of the insured student receives a lump sum payment. This financial assistance helps alleviate the burden during a difficult time.

Accidental Dental Expenses:

Dental injuries resulting from accidents can also be covered under the policy. This includes coverage for accidental dental expenses, ensuring students receive necessary dental treatments and care.

Last Expenses:

The policy extends support to the family or nominated beneficiary by covering the last expenses. This includes funeral and related costs and providing financial assistance during a challenging period.

Policy exclusions For Student PA Cover

While the Student Personal Accident policy offers comprehensive coverage, it’s essential to understand the exclusions that apply. The following scenarios and events are generally excluded from the coverage:

  1. Claims exceeding the sum assured: Any claims exceeding the maximum benefit specified for the chosen policy tier will not be covered.
  2. Suicide attempts: Self-inflicted injuries or suicide attempts are excluded from the coverage.
  3. Illegal/criminal acts: The policy does not cover injuries or losses from illegal or criminal activities.
  4. Substance abuse-related injuries: Any injury or loss caused due to the influence of drugs or alcohol is excluded from the coverage.
  5. Pregnancy-related claims: Pregnancy-related claims, including complications or medical expenses, are not covered under this policy.
  6. War/nuclear activities: Any injury or loss arising out of war, terrorism, acts of aggression, or nuclear activities are excluded from the cover.

You will receive your policy documents which will assist you in understanding the exclusions specific to your Student Personal Accident policy. We encourage you to review it keenly and are always looking for further information. Feel free to reach out if you would like assistance with your policy document details.