Group Last Expense

The cover that caters for funeral costs in the event of death

Underwritten by ABSA life

What is Last Expense Cover?

The last expense cover caters for funeral costs in the event of death. The cover is paid out within 48 hours upon notification of the death of an insured family member to assist the family cover the associated funeral expense burden.

Having to cope with the loss of a loved one is distressing enough without the accompanying financial implications. The Life Last Expense Cover enables you to give your loved one a befitting send-off and secures your peace of mind by easing the financial burden of the funeral.

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Who is this product for?

Our last expense cover options cater for a person looking to cover his family, family groups, SME groups, corporates and even chamas and other groups.

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What are the policy features?

The cover is based on predetermined benefit limits and their corresponding annual premiums. It pays out a cash lump sum on death of an insured member. A group may only select a single benefit option from amongst the available options for all the members in that group.

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Who is eligible for cover?

Eligibility is first and foremost through membership to a registered group. Once a member has signed up, they are covered for life, subject to annual renewal. However, the below minimum and maximum ages at entry apply:

Premium Rates

The applicable rates of premium per benefit option are detailed below.

NB: These premium rates apply to new groups taking Group Last Expense cover for the first time. For existing groups premiums are subject to provision of claims statistics for the past year of cover as well as full member data.

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What are the terms of cover?

  • A life covered by several members in the same group is subject to maximum coverage by 3 lives. The maximum liability per life assured is KES. 1 million.
  • If the principal member dies, the dependents continue to be covered until the end of the policy period. Upon renewal the spouse has the option of continuing the cover as the main member.
  • The cover applies on a worldwide basis, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • There shall be no refund in premiums upon exit of a member after the expiry of the first 30 days from signing up for the policy. New members joining mid cover are required to pay the full annual premium
  • There is a one (1) month waiting period for principal members, spouses and children and a three (3) month waiting period for parents and parents in law on death arising from illness and natural causes. However, death arising out of an accident is payable immediately subject to settlement of full premiums
  • The waiting periods apply from the date of declaration i.e., the date the member joins the scheme.
  • The Maximum Sum Assured per parent or parent inlaw is Kes. 150,000

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How To Claim

All claims must be notified at the earliest and not later than six (6) months after the occurrence.

  1. All eligible members must be declared at commencement of the cover for claims to be payable. Claims for individuals who have not been declared shall not be admissible.
  2. The policy pays a maximum of five (5) claims per family per year Fully documented funeral claims are payable within 48 hrs.
  3. The Principal Member is the automatic ultimate beneficiary for all the dependents. In the event of the Principal Member’s death then the proceeds of the cover will be paid to the nominated beneficiary.
  4. Claims for members with incomplete dates of birth shall not be admissible
  5. The maximum amount payable for children below 10 years is KES 100,000 as per the Insurance Act

What are the policy exclusions?

The underwriter shall not be obliged to make any payments in respect of any condition or event arising directly or indirectly from or traceable to:

  1. Breach of any criminal law by you or anyone acting on your behalf or with your permission or knowledge or by anyone claiming a benefit under this Policy
  2. Self-inflicted injury or attempted suicide within the first one (1) years from the date of commencement or reinstatement of the policy
  3. Driving a motor vehicle while over the legal alcohol limit;
  4. Intake of illegal drugs or alcohol
  5. Active and wilful participation in war, civil commotion, riot, terrorist activity, or rebellion • Radioactivity or nuclear explosion

Below are the requisite claim documents:

  • Duly completed claim form
  • Original or certified copy of a valid burial permit
  • Certified copy of the deceased ID/Passport or Letter of surrender of ID
  • Certified copy of the beneficiary’s ID/Passport
  • Certified copy of birth certificate for children
  • Police abstract for all accidental deaths

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