Travel Insurance

Safeguard your trip and belongings with Travel Insurance

Why Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that if anything occurs while travelling, you will not face the inconvenience of inflated financial costs to keep enjoying your trip. It comes in handy, especially for lone travellers and those on a tight budget.

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Who would benefit from Travel Insurance?

Anyone travelling from one place to another, usually over a distance of 100km or more, would benefit from Travel Insurance.

What is covered?

Travel Insurance provides compensation for the costs arising from risks one may face throughout travelling. Such risks include, but are not limited to:

Emergency medical expenses

Loss of luggage

Accidental damage to other people’s property

Bodily injury to their person

Canceled flights

What challenges will Travel Insurance solve?

Caters for unexpected costs: Travel covers are beneficial because it protects you from going deeper into your pocket for emergency medical expenses. In most cases where one travels to a different country, you will find that the medical care and costs are very different from those at home, most of the time more expensive.

Stick to the budget: You may have a tight budget and the cancellation of a flight, for example, throws you off joint because there may arise the need to take up emergency accommodation in a foreign country where the layover was to be a manageable few hours.

Critical considerations for Travel Insurance

What are the factors we'll consider when choosing the best Travel Insurance cover for you?

Destination Embassy’s Requirments

Consider your destination’s embassy’s Travel Insurance requirements

Travel Period and Frequency

Consider your travel period and frequency. More extended periods can have better premiums than taking several short-period travel covers.

Purpose of Travel

Consider your purpose of travel because some covers will not take care of eventualities due to dangerous sports or politically unstable areas.

Maximum Benefits

Consider the appropriate coverage that maximizes benefits.


Consider limits and sub-limits for different benefits.


Consider regional travel restrictions, e.g., Schengen areas.


Consider the deductibles.


Consider service quality between different providers.

Why work with us?

Did you know that working with an insurance agent doesn't cost you anything extra? You also get advisory services when choosing covers and we walk with you during claims.

What do I need to get Travel Insurance?

Your passport and KYC details (Post office address, KRA PIN for citizens, phone and email addresses, name and contact information for emergency contacts)

The exact dates of your travel from departure till return to the starting point.

The premium payment

How can we help?

We at Dawit insurance specialize in guiding you through which product best suits your needs. We will source quotations from the best providers in the travel industry on your behalf and comprehensively analyze the offer to determine the one that has the best terms within your budget limit.

We also guide you through the claiming process and assist with seeking pre-authorizations, card replacements, and advice on exclusions.

How to pay for Travel Insurance

  1. Corporate travel: Most insurance providers require payment before the trip or on deposit for corporate clients
  2. Individual travel: The insurance provider accepts payments before the issuance of the cover.


Stress free Medical Insurance claims. What's your role and what's our role?

Dawit Insurance Agency

At Dawit. we’re known for hand-holding our customers during claims. For almost two decades of our existence, we’ve helped many customers get genuine claims paid speedily and fairly.

All you need to do is to notify us of the risk that occured and we’ll walk you through the consecutive steps until the end.


We advise our clients to reach out to notify us of the claim as soon as possible. Your main role is to notify us and we’ll guide you through the consecutive steps.

Should you have any questions on what is covered and what isn’t covered in your policy, feel free to reach out and we’ll assist you as soon as possible.

Be assured you're in safe hands. We have over 15 years of experience in the industry having won a multitude of awards from various insurance companies.

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