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Construction All Risks insurance in Nairobi, Kenya & Eastern Africa

Construction All Risk Insurance is effectively a form of property insurance that covers the period while the property is still under construction.

Your construction begins, then suddenly, an accident happens and a causes damage that results in losses. Instead of incurring those losses or going back to the cleint, let your insurer be your shield.

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What Happens When You’re Not Properly Insured?

What business is this cover best suited for?

Construction-All-Risk Insurance(or CAR Insurance in short) is a product that is tailor-made for contractors. However, property owners can also take the cover. Mitigate all risk that would cause loss in your construction projects.

Who has found value in this cover?

How To Be A World-Class Insurance Client

The story of how a certain company almost went bankrupt due to this unfortunate event

As your business grows, the dynamics of your cover also change. You’ll buy new equipment, hire new staff, etc. Without the right partner, these changes to your business may not be covered unless you revise the insurance contract each time.

As your business grows, the dynamics of your cover also change. You’ll buy new equipment, hire new staff, etc. Without the right partner, these changes to your business may not be covered unless you revise the insurance contract each time.

Possible Construction Risk

What possible risks would your construction project face if you're not covered? This is what you need to watch out for.

Imagine you are building an office block. Your construction begins, progress continues but suddenly, extreme weather hits and a sizeable amount of your essential building materials are damaged.

As the contractor, you make a claim and enter a long debate with the client about who is to blame for the loss. Eventually, you are not compensated for the losses you incurred.  Dawit Insurance offers comprehensive and seamless coverage that will protect you and your project from the unexpected.

Damage to structure or materials
Equipment damage/breakdown
Machinery damage/breakdown
Injury to third parties
Death to third parties
Damage to temporary structures e.g. stores or workers camps


In the uneventful case where your business suffers risk, this is what will happen

Dawit Insurance Agency

Our differentiation as an agency is in helping you through your claims. Your respective Dawit contact will be your guide through this process. Mostly your insurere will need a brief of the circumstances of the accident, incident or damage for precise advice.

Your Business

To help Dawit Insurance deal with your claim efficiently, it is important that you notify us in case of loss or any occurrence that may give rise to a claim. This can be done via email or telephone directly to us. We recommend that you take photos as your construction project continues. The photos do come in handy in case you suffer risk.

When claiming you will be required to provide…

What's The Role Of An Insurance Agent?

An insurance agent acts as your intermediary between you and the insurance company to help you understand what covers would be suitable for you and process claims faster and more efficiently.

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Further protect your business and employees from risk by combining CAR Insurance and these covers

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Let's cover your business

Don't wait any longer to protect your business. Regardless of the size of your business or scale of operations, we can tailor-make a solution specific to your needs.

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We’d love to hear from you about your business. As you continue to grow and take your buisness to the next level, let us worry about mitigating your risks. You can reach out by calling, emailing or paying us a visit. You can also fill in the form and we’ll get back to you in a bit.

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