Commercial property insurance in Nairobi, Kenya and surrounding areas.

Commercial property insurance protects your assets in the event that they are stolen, damaged or destroyed in a fire or natural disaster. We’ll partner with you to design insurance coverage that will protect your company’s property.

It’s worth exploring the options available to you with a business property insurance policy, as they may cover risks you hadn’t thought of. For example, some policies protect against the additional costs you face when rebuilding a damaged business facility.  

Other points to check include whether a policy covers the cost of removing debris before reconstruction begins, as well as auditors fees for ascertaining, the loss of profit and increased cost of working.

Commercial property insurance is a great way to ensure that your business’ location and assets, as well as your income, are protected. Have questions? We’re happy to help!

Let’s discuss your commercial property insurance.

One of our insurance advisors will reach out to you to review your information and present you with the appropriate commercial property insurance solution. There’s no obligation, just good-old-fashioned advice.
Dawit Insurance Agency offers comprehensive commercial property insurance in Nairobi, Kenya and surrounding areas.