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Why Insurance Claim Process Should Worry You No More!

By December 17, 2019Business Insurance

While misfortunes or damages may be circumstances out of our control, getting dependable insurance coverage mustn’t be. Insurance covers are meant to be our solace in case of unforeseen misfortunes. That helps, right? To know someone has your back at the worst of times does help. But do you know what else helps?

  1. Getting it under your control by Understanding the policy document – What are your obligations? The journey to getting the process right often starts where understanding the policy document begins. We can’t stress this enough. It will help you know what to do and when to do it. It’s like understanding the rules of the game. Luckily you don’t have to go through the policy document alone. We exist for that!
  2. Knowing the next steps in the face of misfortune – Approach could mean the difference between the approval of a claim or the nightmare that comes with the stamp that reads ‘DENIED’. Knowing how to best approach the claiming process is very important. Again, we are here to guide you through that.

So you understand your policy document well? Excellent.  Let’s get you through number 2. You are going about the ups and about of life and when disaster strikes, your valued car is written off, or you receive that call from your fieldwork team who with a sombre voice informs  ‘Boss, Fulani has had an accident.’ Let’s look at actions that can be taken to make the claim process easier;

  1. Capture as much information as possible – Create context by taking photos and videos that help better explain the incident, record facts on the time and place of the incident and collect information of the witnesses of the incident and that of the involved parties(if any). This information is critical to claims adjudication.  
  2. Gather all relevant documents Depending on the nature of the incident, relevant documents could include receipts of purchase, proof of ownership, police abstract or original invoices, among others.


With that said, the Steps of an Insurance Claiming process areas outlined below:

1. Contact your Insurance Agent.

Your agent acts as your primary contact. Remember all the information we captured above? Now it’s time to make use of it. Give a detailed account of your loss and report as much information as you can.? Did you know you can report a claim via our website?  

2. Claims Investigation

After reporting a claim, investigations to determine the amount of loss or damages covered by your insurance policy ensue. This process also identifies other liable parties and witnesses. Cooperating with the loss adjuster/ investigator helps make the process easier.

3. Policy Review

Once investigations are complete, it’s time for your agent to examine your policy document carefully and determine what is and isn’t covered under your policy. You will also be informed of any applicable deductible that may apply to your case. Check what sections may need reinstatement as they may have been used up by the claim at hand. Such benefits may include but are not limited to Windscreen reinstatement, loss of use reinstatement etc. 

4. Damage evaluation

Depending on the nature of the incident, the claim may require the expertise of professionals like engineers, valuers, auditors to accurately evaluate the extent of the damage/loss. After that, Your agent provides you with a list of preferred vendors to help with repair where applicable. You are however not obligated to hire these vendors, however,  it could save you research and time spent looking around.

5. Claim settlement

So now we are getting back on our feet, repairs complete, damaged items replaced, your agent will contact you in regards to the settlement of your claim and payment. The amount of time it takes to receive compensation is dependent on the nature and complexity of your situation. Making sure your claims are settled speedily and fairly is our core business here at Dawit

We are here to make your claims process as easy and as convenient as possible. We are committed to ensuring valid claims get settled, and our customers know what they are signing up for.  Claims have never been easier, faster, fairer. Drop by our offices for any queries and assistance or talk to us on 0737856447 or 0712 856 447.


By Maureen Viola Nkirote

Content writer.