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What I Wish Everyone Knew About the Value of an Insurance Agent

By August 22, 2019November 8th, 2019Specialty Insurance

“Do I need an insurance agent?” you may ask. Insurance agents are essentially the link between you and your insurance company. They are there to help you make the right decision when it comes to selecting the insurance product that fits your business needs. An insurance agent also helps a lot when it comes to making claims. However, do we truly appreciate the value of insurance agents?

Let’s take a quick look at some facts.

Insurance agents play a critical role as an intermediary between a customer and an insurer. However, the perception that some people have about insurance agents in Kenya isn’t so positive. Many attribute this to the lack of trust people have towards the insurance industry as a whole. In some cases, customers are not given full and accurate information before they sign up for a policy. At times, it’s because insurance jargon used when communicating, results in confusion, and lack of clarity. When customers don’t get it, it causes anxiety and disillusionment.

However, a lot has been done over the years by Kenyan insurance regulator – Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) and the Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI), including standardizing insurance lingo. An AKI study on microinsurance recommended that IRA and other insurance industry players should develop initiatives to sensitize people on insurance, its need, and benefits. The study also emphasized that in working on the insurance industry image and eliminating negative perceptions, there’s a need to:
a) Ensure there is full disclosure, transparency, and honesty when paying claims.
b) Offer more service support to policyholders. Build excellent customer relationships, especially when a claim falls due.

Today’s insurance agents are well-trained and can competently advise customers. They play a critical role in changing consumer perception.

So the value of insurance agents remains unmatched. Apart from selling insurance, an agent’s job includes:

  • Determining client needs.
  • Effectively communicate policy information to clients.
  • Correctly calculate insurance premiums and verification of settlement awards for clients.
  • Explain, by citing the policy document, the reasons for any declinature of a claim.

Of course, there are thousands of insurance agents you can choose from. At Dawit, the thing that sets us apart is our passion for ensuring valid claims get settled and our customers know what they are signing up for from the beginning. We’ve been doing insurance for the last thirteen years, with accolades for excellence. Our team knows the importance of ensuring that every customer understands the terms of each policy before they sign the dotted line.

We are committed to providing you with the best custom-made plans that fit your business needs. This way, when that unexpected incident happens, and you make a legitimate claim, be sure that you’ll get paid. Check out our specialties on our website and talk to us on 0737856447.