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Insurance Made Simple – Humpty Dumpty

By September 5, 2017July 19th, 2021Business Insurance, Personal Insurance

I had an interesting thought. I was a “noble man” from the Kings court…an advisor supporting the King and his countrymen make a formidable kingdom. While in a council meeting, we hear that Sir Humpty Dumpty, the kingdom’s most renowned entrepreneur and investor, sat on a wall.

Sir Humpty Dumpty is a natural risk taker. He has made a fortune venturing where others dare not. Fortunately, all has been working for him. In the haste of making money, he forgot to put in place a risk mitigation mechanism. As fate would have it, Sir Humpty took a devastating fall!  All the king’s forces and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again.

As we engage in our various activities of value creation and kingdom building, we should have a plan that allows for a fallback position. The question, “What if ?”… It is wisdom to expect the unexpected; and have a plan to cope.  One of the sustainable, coping mechanisms towards risk is insurance. Insurance simply put is protection against a possible eventuality.

In the event of a calamity, like Sir Humpty Dumpty’s devastating fall, would you, your family, your business, be able to pick up and continue? Or will your legend end there?

Certainly, the pain and suffering will be physically felt. Sir Humpty Dumpty’s heart wrenching groan was heard all over town. Who will pay the medical bills? What if the fall permanently maims him? What of his future earnings? Who will ensure the standard of living the Dumpty family is accustomed to will be maintained? Will the business run without him? I suggest that insurance is as a strong possibility to reduce the financial impact of the risk occurring.

To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect. – Oscar Wilde