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Accident Emergency? Team Dawit to the rescue

By May 24, 2022May 27th, 2022Blog

The Value of a Medical and Personal Accident Insurance.

Every day we wake up intending to achieve our targeted goals and take some calculated and some not so well calculated steps towards achieving them. Some days we even wake up to celebrate and tell a tale of the successful journey. 

This day was no different at Dawit Insurance Agency Limited. As is our norm, we hold morning meetings to discuss our wins and challenges from the previous day, constantly working towards meeting our clients’ needs each day and with our client’s expectations in mind to better their experiences.

We received a call during one of the meetings and immediately heard weeping and wailing in the background. Instantly, each team member went on high alert, and the room fell into an eerie silence, adding to the canvas of gray vibes of the heavy rains in the early morning.

The client on the line informed us of an accident on the Mwingi-Kitui road, and he needed our help immediately! We could tell it was a life-threatening accident from the wails of desperation in the background. Each team member got to their phones to get help from emergency institutions and went as far as calling friends near the accident location.

From previous emergency experiences, the team knew where to start; verify the client’s information, the underwriter involved, and the scope of insurance our client had purchased. Luckily, the client’s comprehensive motor insurance cover had the additional benefit of an ambulance in the event of an accident, but he was yet to trigger the start of his medical insurance plan. Nevertheless, first things first. 

Immediately after the client ended the call, we phoned the Emergency plus services for help and the AIG insurance to update them on our mutual client’s predicament and precarious condition. Having a comprehensive motor insurance cover with the additional E-plus option gave him the advantage of quick access to an ambulance. With AIG and E-plus in communication, we were all aligned. 

We sent the contacts and the pin location of the client to the E-plus contact person to get them to where the accident had happened and kept in touch with the paramedics to stay abreast of the happenings. 

We confirmed to the client that the ambulance was getting to them and kept reassuring him that help was on the way. By 11:18 am, 16 minutes after our first call to the emergency institutions, an ambulance had been dispatched from Thika. The ambulance got there in time, and they stabilized the wife and the child, as both were severely injured. 

We called back AIG, thanking them for their help in confirming the status on their end, thereby cementing trust with E-plus. Furthermore, we sent an email notification of the accident to the claims team as we worked on the documentation.

Clear and complete documentation is critical in speeding up emergency response and making claims. The documentation required in this case includes the police abstract, motor accident claim forms, and accident scene photos.

With constant updates on the family’s condition streaming in, the next step was to locate the perfect hospital for the family. Proximity, scanning equipment, theater, and bed availability were considered here.   The client settled for Thika Level 4 hospital, but unfortunately, they weren’t admitted – the imaging equipment was out of order. 

Not having health insurance coverage made it more challenging to get a private hospital admission. Some hospitals were a bit reluctant due to the severity of the injuries, and some had no CT scanners for the badly injured child. 

Looking at the situation, the father asked to make his payments for what we had done so far, but we understood that this was the point where he needed help the most. Our more significant concern was how fast he and his family could get stabilized and out of danger. 

We doubled the effort, and by the time it hit noon, a hospital was available for the client and his family, and his relief was tangible. Mother and child were admitted and attended to. Later in the night,  we received a notification that they were discharged, much to our relief. 

We work more on what we can control, and a large part is played by nature. We live in the hope of seeing tomorrow, and when it comes, we hope to see the dusk of it. 

Life happens fast, and you never know what to expect every day it dawns. And here is where we come in. Dawit Insurance Agency Limited prioritizes protecting you from unexpected costs through the best insurance coverage and in the comfort of your budget.

The Benefits of Having a Paid-Up Cover

You might not have considered having a cover, and maybe it’s time you did. Having paid insurance cover comes with its benefits. 

  1. A paid-up NHIF cover gives you access to free services like consultations, laboratory services, drug administration, and referrals.
  2. Medical Insurance cover is health insurance that covers unexpected medical expenses incurred due to illness, injuries, or accidents by the insured. 

Your health is your most valuable asset. Making the best health choices should be your key priority in securing the present and future health of both you and your family.

  • Health insurance gives you access to a fast and large pool of doctors and hospitals when you need them the most.
  • Health insurance guarantees peace of mind and reduces your worries about affording immediate care and finances in an emergency. It also saves your pocket!

Another essential cover is the Personal Accident Insurance Cover. The cover works as a financial backup in the event of an accident or death. It benefits your dependents with living expenses, and its payout is tax-free.

When and where does Dawit’s Agency come in? Why choose us?

At Dawit, we serve you and ensure you get value for your money. Get the best and most trusted advisors for an insurance policy that meets your needs. 

Our teams are always ready to help you with reporting an insurance claim. 

We offer 24/7 customer support that responds immediately to your questions and concerns. 

Get started today!